Automatic Power Factor Panel

We are a renowned Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Automatic Power Factor Panel. The panels we make available are designed to serve diverse industrial requirements. These are accredited for their optimum functionality, low maintenance and impeccable quality. We manufacture these at our manufacturing units under the guidance of expert engineers.

Details : The power factor of an AC electrical power system is defined as the ratio of the real power flowing to the load to the apparent power in the circuit, and is a dimensionless number between 0 and Real power is the capacity of the circuit for performing work in a particular time. Apparent power is the product of the current and voltage of the circuit. Due to energy stored in the load and returned to the source, or due to a non-linear load that distorts the wave shape of the current drawn from the source, the apparent power will be greater than the real power.

Specification : 440 v power capacitor bank


  • Energy efficient

  • Low maintenance

  • Excellent performance

  • Available at competitive rates

Size Available : 300X1200X1800mm

Used At :

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • Rice Miles

  • Sugar Miles

  • Paper Miles.

Application : PF improvement

Material Used :

  • L&T

  • Schneider